Matthew Griffin

Author | Motivational Speaker

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About Me

Matthew is a 21-year Veteran of the US Navy, Virginia Beach Police Department and Keene NH Police department. Matthew specialized in undercover operations during his tenure and was assigned to the Attorney Generals Drug Task Force.

Today, Matthew's journey has led him to become the owner of Journey Speaking and Books. This venture followed the successful release of his book, "The Journey to Midnight," which achieved the remarkable feat of securing the #1 spot on Amazon's bestseller list four times. Matthew has been featured across a spectrum of media platforms, including podcasts, TV shows, and the PBS hit series "Hiding in Plain Sight," where he was chosen as the headline for season two. He is currently finishing the screenplay with the help of a nationally recognized screenwriter to feature as a major motion picture.

As a national speaker, mentor, and consultant, Matthew is driven by a profound passion for reshaping the cultural narrative around mental health. His advocacy extends to law enforcement, the military, Firefighting, emergency services and anyone willing to find the light at the end of the tunnel.