The Treasure in the trauma

The Treasure in the trauma

It’s okay to not be okay,

it’s just not okay to stay that way

Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin



The Roadmay to Recovery | 10% Movement



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Keene, NH

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Matt is an outstanding speaker and relatable. Matt uses his personal story to make a positive impact on law enforcement in an attempt to successfully save lives. I highly recommend Matt.

Steve COle

Public Safety coordinator @ Florida Sheriffs Associations

Matt is a phenomenal public and motivational speaker. His life experiences place us in the heart of his journey. 100% recommend

Michael Slupe

Sheriff of Butler County

As a law enforcement officer, PhD in CJ and lifetime learner of our profession, I can not recommend Matt’s presentation any more than to say it’s a must. As you listen, you know who you are..Matt just has the guts to say it. #IWillListen. I’ll be your midnight call. Matt needs to be at your conference, agency in service or speaking to your team. Call me, DM me and I’ll explain more.

Kevin ANgell, PHD


us navy


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Badge to the bone S2, Episode 12


Featured on PBS: Hiding IN Plain Sight Season 2

Chosen To anchor season 2 of the pbs hit series

“Hiding in plain sight”

set to air in 2024/25


  • Conference Keynote speaker
  • National Motivational Speaker
  • Mental Health Advocate
  • 4x Bestselling Author of “The Journey to Midnight”

The Journey to Midnight

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Matthew Griffin

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“The souls that have seen the darkest days can shine the brightest lights”

The Journey to Midnight is Matt Griffin’s memoir about his traumatic journey as US Navy Search and Rescue swimmer to a career as a police officer and undercover cop. Matt shares the heartbreak of divorce, the joy of single fatherhood, the dark streets of the drug underworld, and the thing that almost killed him, which claimed the lives of 228 police officers in 2019, and 22 military veterans per day - SUICIDE.